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Week 8

Sketching, feedback & more information (22/03/21 - 26/03/21)

More sketching

I started making some new sketches. I decided to sketch my parts in different sections because I'm not sure how I am going to make this a 'whole' and complete storytelling yet.
While sketching i came up with a new idea: using some of the (best) examples in a comic strip kind of way. I can illustrate a story. In this story i can implement the examples. This story would be about 'a day in the life' of a women. This way you can experience the subject in an even more 'human' way.
In the sketch above you'll find how i tried to make a chronological story using some of my best examples. I wrote it very quickly in dutch but i can give you an idea of how i started with this new idea.
Eventually the new idea and the feedback i received last week resulted in the sketch below.
I discussed this sketch with some fellow students and came to the conclusion that i should look into two subjects: data comics and marketing for women's products. After that i will make a prototype (sketched prototype) on which i can receive new feedback.

Data comics

Data comics for data-driven storytelling are inspired by the visual language of comics and aim to communicate insights in data through visualizations.
I found out that implementing data into an illustrated story is already a trend in information design. The Emerging Genre of Data Comics. Art on graphics. "Data comics" for data-driven stories are inspired by the imagery of comics and aim to communicate insights into data through visualizations. " (Bach et al., 2018) The group of people who published these files on data comics argue why it works so well. Two arguments they use are:
A stand-alone visualization / graph / image often provides little or no context, which makes the subject less good understood.
Comics work with a well-designed structure that uses rules and symbols that are well-researched for their effectiveness operation.
More explanation in the links below


“The vast majority, however, is marked for women. What this entails? Mostly pink or pastel-colored packaging, a lot of thought for it packaging design, visible names of flower types, essential oils and vitamins. But also: a price that is on average 7 percent higher than that of the men's product. ”
The quote above comes from an article by In this article they talk about the "pink tax". The pink tax is the price increase applied to women's products. Example
For example, a shaving gel for men from HEMA (dark blue packaging) costs 1,75 euros per 200 milliliters. However, a 200 milliliter shaving gel for women in pink packaging already costs 2,50 euros. But toys for girls, for example, also regularly cost more than a comparable product for boys and women pay more for a haircut at the hairdresser, regardless of hair length.
Some specific examples used in the article
  • Shampoo, douchegel
  • Body lotion
  • Shaving gel and razor blades
  • Visit to the hairdresser
  • ‘Travelkits’
My research focuses on products and services designed without taking women into account. This article / topic is about how the already designed products are put on the market. This is, as it were, an offshoot of my subject. Nevertheless, I think it is important information and I am going to think about how I can add this information to my project.
Funny (dutch) meme about this topic

Guest lecture Kontinentalist

The most valuable lesson from this lecture for me was: find something you're passionate about. If you have some sort of feeling or a big interest in a certain topic go with that.
Work with the attitude: If you don't write this story, probably no one else will.

CCDL x Kontinentalist

At the end of week 8 i had a call with Mick from the Kontinentalist. I discussed the same sketch i made earlier with him. Mick gave me some tips on how to get to work and how to improve my concept.
Below you can see exactly what he said.
The projects for inspiration
The most important tip mick gave me was to chose a focus.

Conclusion week 8

This week i received a lot of feedback. I am going to use this feedback to improve my sketches/prototype in the coming week. Next week i have more meeting and chances to improve my current concept.
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