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Week 6

Finalizing research before concepting (08/03/21 - 12/03/21)

More interesting articles

Nacht van de Infographic / Night of the Infographic

This is a dutch online congress about data visualization i attended. The congress focuses on the election in the Netherlands march 2019. Even tho is subject is off topic it still contains some valuable tips/lessons.

Customer journey

Now that the most important part of the research before the concept fase has been done i'd like to capture my research by using methods like persona's, customer journey and an empathy map. The customer journey is the most challenging one. How i used this method for my research can be found below.
Very clear communication because it is divided in two parts
Again the simplicity in this customer journey is very appealing to me. I don't think the subject and the research i have done so far will have a better effect in a less detailed customer journey.
This example gave me the idea to also fill the area behind the current 'emotion' line for what could be possible.

Conclusion week 6

In week 6 I got rid of the last loose ends to continue with the rest of the research. In week 7 I will discuss the insights from my survey and start sketching and iterating.
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