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Week 4

Jan rothuizen & start concepting (22/02/21 - 26/02/21)

Jan Rothuizen


Jan explains how letting people trace a picture of his face maken invisible data visible. De different choices people make while tracing gives a unique perspective.
The picture above is a great example of making qualitative data visible in an art like form.
I find the criticism Rothuizen has on te logo very insightful.

Observation Exercise 2

After watching the video i decided to look at the google maps as reference.
From this perspective i started drawing. The distances etc. are not realistic at all but i think that this gives the map an extra personal layer.

End result

Collecting data

Before I start pasting random data i a document I want make clearer what data I am going to use. I will make this clear for myself by sketching my idea (stated in the project plan).


After sketching my first idea i discussed it with a my graduation group (total of four students and one mentor. While discussing it I came to more clear idea of what i want to make and what i need to gather in order to make that.

What data i want to gather

Examples of how the world is designed for men
Books (Invisible Women), Internet
Examples of how the world is designed for men in a specific country
Interviews and surveys with international students.
Statistics that show that women are disadvantaged
Statistics about car crashes
Information that illustrates the disadvantage of women in cars
At this moment I am goin to start collecting data. In my project plan i placed some resources with some interesting information. I will paste useful data I've found in my google sheets document. In this document i will collect all the useful data I've found so far.

Google sheet document

Conclusion week 4

This week i determined what kind of data i want to gather and made a small start with that. In the coming week(s) I will continue to gather data so i can start exploring it. The lecture of Jan Rothuizen including the exercise were fun inspiration.
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