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Week 10

Making a prototype (05/04/21 - 09/04/21)


Making my first digital prototype means that i have to determine what style i am going to use throughout my webpage. Below you'll find the links that i used as sources for my moodboard.


Final steps (for first prototype)

This week i want to create a concept valid enough to start building my first prototype. Last week i received a lot of feedback. I will use this feedback to create a better concept. When i have this concept ready i'm going to take the first steps. If everything goes well i'll have a working prototype ready by the end of the week 11.

Re-organizing excel sheet

Take a look at sheet 'Examples for storytelling' to see what I'm going to illustrate the coming week(s).

Valuable and 'actual' information

Now that I've collected my feedback, determined a style and this my last research it's time to start creating.
First illustration for the quotes.


I bought a domain name. is where I'm going to start creating the project. You can follow my process by checking the link:

Conclusion week 10

This week I took the last steps. From week 11 and on i will start creating and continue my project in a digital space.
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