Week 10
Making a prototype (05/04/21 - 09/04/21)


Making my first digital prototype means that i have to determine what style i am going to use throughout my webpage. Below you'll find the links that i used as sources for my moodboard.


The Naked Truth
The Pudding
Your App Knows You Got Your Period. Guess Who It Told?
The New York Times
Women's Pockets are Inferior.
The Pudding
The Naked Truth
The Pudding
Nothing Breaks Like A.I. Heart
The Pudding
The Physical Traits that Define Men and Women in Literature
The Pudding
Infografía · Violencias de género
Mint Coral Navy Tan Color Palette
Blog — Creative brands for creative people // Akula Kreative
Creative brands for creative people // Akula Kreative

Final steps (for first prototype)

This week i want to create a concept valid enough to start building my first prototype. Last week i received a lot of feedback. I will use this feedback to create a better concept. When i have this concept ready i'm going to take the first steps. If everything goes well i'll have a working prototype ready by the end of the week 11.

Re-organizing excel sheet

Take a look at sheet 'Examples for storytelling' to see what I'm going to illustrate the coming week(s).

Valuable and 'actual' information

Farmaceuten keken niet naar de bijeffecten van coronavaccins op vrouwen
De Groene Amsterdammer
Alleen AstraZeneca voor 55-plussers in België • Knuffelen mag weer in veel verpleeghuizen
Now that I've collected my feedback, determined a style and this my last research it's time to start creating.
First illustration for the quotes.


I bought a domain name. designedformen.nl is where I'm going to start creating the project. You can follow my process by checking the link:

Conclusion week 10

This week I took the last steps. From week 11 and on i will start creating and continue my project in a digital space.
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