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Week 2

Further research & Project plan (08/02/21 - 14/02/21)

Maarten Lambrecht | The Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals

Maarten Lambrecht is a Belgian data journalist and designer. Maarten begins his talk mentioning ‘The Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals’. This is a project that Maarten worked on for the World Bank. During his presentation he focused on the global health part (because that is what CCDL focuses on too.)
Sustainable Development Goals are global goals set in 2015 and touch upon many topics and issues the world is dealing with today. There’s a total of 17 topics.The data is only available online for the first time which gave the team a lot of freedom. The Altas was published in November of 2020 what made it impossible not to talk about COVID-19.
Tip | Make your visualizations based on the source data
For example choosing the equal earth projection for your maps. This is a very good projection because the continents and countries stay true to their real proportions.
Maarten gave a lot of examples during his talk. I will describe a few that stood out for me.


Impact on health systems
This example communicates impact on health systems in different countries. It displays the number of nurses and physicians per 1000 people and each of these dots resemble a country.
Tip | Your visualization should me just as clear without the interactivity
Access to health care pt. 1
This chart is about healthcare access. It shows who has access to healthcare and the financial risks that come with accessing healthcare. UHC service coverage index was used as the measurement tool.
Access to health care pt. 2
This graph shows the same data in a different form. The x axis now shows the health care index and the y axis shows people facing catastrophic payments for the low-. high-, upper-middle-, and lower-middle income countries.
Financing healthcare
This chart is also about financing healthcare and about where the money comes from when people pay their healthcare bills.

Other resources


After the information provided in Lambrecht's lecture i got excited about making my project in a 'scrolly' form. I found out that this i actually a really popular way of making interactive data visualizations. I collected some cool examples below.
Tutorials that might help me to develop this
Software that can help me make interactive data visualizations

Conclusion week 2

Last week i decided to focus on the high risk for women in cars. This week i started to take a look at ways i could develop the project. Stumbling upon the 'scrolly' effect I'm starting to think that maybe i could start the visualization with a more broad view en while scrolling getting deeper into the specific example of car accidents.
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